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Looking to rebrand your business? Want to stand out on the street or looking to increase your visibility on social media? A mural is a great way to do that! Think of it as a marketing tool to bring your community into your space and discover all your business has to offer.

Looking for a mural for your home or personal living space? I do that too! Let's talk about how we can transform your space with a little color.

mural pricing


$25/SQ FT

This price includes single or double color sign logos or single color murals. * Additional Fee for Textured Surfaces.

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$30/SQ FT

This price includes murals on a smooth surface including drywall, stucco, sealed wood, flat metal, or sealed concrete.

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$35/SQ FT

This price includes a mural on a textured surface or a complex  mural design. Surfaces include brick, wood plank, heavy stucco, concrete block, siding, corrugated metal or any rough texture.


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additional costs


Some mural designs will be more complicated than others and that's okay! I'll help you develop the perfect design for your home or business and if that means you'd like a peacock with all of her elegant feathers and 10+ colors, you can have it!

travel costs

Not in Sacramento? I'd still love to work with you! This additional cost might include gas, airline tickets, baggage fees and lodging for myself and an assistant for larger projects.

LICENSING your mural

Let's say you'd like to use the design I created for your mural for t-shirts for your business. We can create a licensing agreement for your business to use the copyrighted artwork for a specific number of products!

scissor lift, boom lift and scaffolding rentals

For larger outdoor spaces or tall interiors, it may be necessary to rent a lift or scaffolding to complete your mural. This is an extra cost as I must arrange the rental and delivery to your space.

extra revisions

Included in your contract will be 2 revisions during the artwork development and mockup phase. Any additional changes will result in an hourly design fee, but we'll try to get as specific as possible in our early talks. Once I am on site to install, there are no changes.

Graffiti Proof Sealant

In today's world, we know some folks feel inspired to leave their own mark on your mural! We can make sure your mural is all sealed up with graffiti-proof sealer so your investment is safe from tagging.


Discounts on square footage rate for very large walls or multiple murals! Ask about it!

MURAL Gallery


Let me know what you're looking for!

What are you goals for this mural?

Thanks for your interest in a mural! I'll review your details and be in touch soon!

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